How much is DictionUP?

DictionUP is right now available at an introductory price of US$10. We intend to keep our prices low for as long as possible. Other products in our pipeline will be priced similarly.

How is DictionUP better?

DictionUP is the simplest and most effective tool to improve your vocabulary and/or prepare you for GRE, SAT, CAT, IELTS. We believe that improving vocabulary should not be a chore and should be entertaining and easy. Unlike other tools we offer you the luxury of multitasking while you learn new vocabulary. You can use DictionUP on you way to work, while cooking, in the gym etc.

What is your payment portal?

We use the internet’s most trusted companies such as Google and Paypal. Your information is safe with both these portals and you can confidently carry on your purchase.

Why do I need to improve my vocabulary?

There are plenty of reasons why you should improve your vocabulary. In addition to scoring better on competitive exams such as GRE, SAT, and CAT a higher level vocabulary will improve your career prospects. Several studies concluded that individuals with a higher level vocabulary are deemed smart and competent and therefore are more likely to become successful.

How will DictionUP increase my SAT score?

DictionUP will teach you words that often appear on the SAT, GRE, CAT and IELTS. If you are able to recall the definitions of these words quickly you will save precious time on the exam. You can use this time to comfortably answer the remaining question types in the section.

Why don’t you podcast?

We intend to, in fact our first podcast should be out in the first week of July. We fondly call them DictionCastS. In addition to this we will release weekly videos of higher level words starting from the first week of August.

Is DictionUP available on iTunes?

DictionUP is available on iTunes throughout the world. We are also available on Amazon mp3, Spotify, MediaNet, eMusic, Zune Marketplace, Nokia, ShockHound, Napster, iHeartradio, and VerveLife.

Can you make it cheaper?

DictionUP is great value for it’s cost. DictionUP is the most inexpensive vocabulary tool available online. Additionally, we provide a considerable number of free resources.

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