Discover the benefits of Improving Your Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary can make you Successful. Research has shown that people with strong vocabulary are judged smart and competent. The most distinguishing characteristic of successful people is higher level vocabulary. An advanced vocabulary will enable you to convey your ideas in a clear and precise manner and get you noticed among your peers at work and social settings. Try DictionUP and take that small step towards reaching your personal goals.

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Improve Your Vocabulary

Improve your Vocabulary to become successful. This is no exaggeration. DictionUP is an easy tool that will help you improve your vocabulary at your own pace. It is a very effective way to reach your goals.

Words for GRE, SAT, CAT

We created DictionUP with test takers like you in mind. It is a powerful tool no matter which of these exams you’re taking. DictionUP is coquetelephones.fr an Audio word list for GRE, SAT,CAT, IELTS.

Word Lists, Podcasts, Videos

We at DictionUP do not believe in just the business aspect. We value our customers enough to provide them FREE RESOURCES, while they pursue theirs goals. Explore our site and find Word Lists, Blogs, podcasts, videos, Forums to help you reach your goals.

Audio Word List for GRE, SAT, CAT & IELTS

A majority of competitive exams test your English proficiency, GRE, SAT, CAT, IELTS are but a few. We created DictionUP to help students learn the vocabulary necessary to score high on these tests. DictionUP is an Audio wordlist for GRE, SAT, CAT and IELTS and is perfect for you to learn the prescribed words for these tests quickly and effieciently. Try DictionUP and score high on any or all of these exams.


Why DictionUP?

Several published research studies have concluded that an improved vocabulary can lead to a successful career and a better social life. Eloquence is an important factor by which the personality of an individual is guaged. DictionUP is the perfect tool to transform you into an eloquent person.

DictionUP combines the traditional method of learning with technology creating a simple audio format to help you memorize difficult words in an easy and effective manner. The applications of DictionUP are endless, be it to learn the CAT, IELTS SAT, or GRE word lists or to equip you with the necessary tools for a successful professional life.

DictionUP relies on three simple aspects to help you memorize and retain words and their corresponding definitions.

DictionUP Relies on three Simple aspects to help you Improve Vocabulary.


The key to improving your vocabulary is repetition. The impact of repetition on learning is tremendous. Learning, in the brain, takes place when new connections are made. The first time you hear a word, a simple neural connection is established. Repetition reinforces this first connection and eventually leads to a stronger bridge between word and it corresponding definition. This will enable you to recall the definitions faster.


Visualization can physiologically mimic a sensory experience without an external stimulus. While listening to DictionUP, visualize the words and the respective definitions. This will help you remember and recall definitions better.

For example: Gargantuan means huge or enormous. A simple visualization for this set would be, Godzilla or Mt. Everest.

Subjective Relevance:

This aspect is unique to DictionUP. We encourage our users to relate to the word through personal experience. A ‘relation-gap’ is worked into DictionUP, which should be used to create your own personal bridge between words and definitions. Lets take the above example.

Most of us remember Godzilla as a huge and enormous creature which resulted from nuclear experiments. Subjective relevance here, is to relate the word gargantuan and its definition to Godzilla. This is just a simple example. Our minds are automatically programmed to personally relate to different instances. Be it a new words or scenes in movies or lyrics. DictionUP exploits this ability of the mind to teach you vocabulary.

Inexpensive, Easy and Effective:

For the price of a couple of cups of coffee, your vocabulary will improve considerably and so will your GRE and SAT scores. The format followed for each word is simple and easy to follow. No complicated softwares which require you to commit a considerable amount of time to a computer. DictionUP can be used on the go, while you drive to work, while you do your daily chores or while you’re at the gym.

There are 18 tracks between 15-20 mins long. The key to DictionUp is repetition. Repeat the tracks multiple times over one month and you will notice a huge improvement in your vocabulary. The use of shuffle option is encouraged as it is more challenging and you will notice better results.

The only thing that DictionUP requires you to do is to be committed to it. Learning new words is easy but it cannot be done overnight. You have to keep at it. Try it for one month and you will notice that you are able to recall definitions much faster than before. This will lead to an improvement in your career, social life, and teach you the SAT, GRE word lists easily.

Buy now and take that tiny step towards a better future.