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Vocabulary can make or break your life success. This is a strong statement, but research shows that people with a strong vocabulary are judged to be smart and competent when they speak. Higher level vocabulary is the most distinguishing characteristic of successful individuals.

We often do not find words to express ourselves or the words we choose do not convey our ideas well. For this reason it is vital to continuously improve your vocabulary. The difference between a great vocabulary and a decent one is about 100-150 words.

Techniques to Improve Your Vocabulary

There are several techniques which, when adhered to, will dramatically change how you express yourself. There is no magic bullet, you cannot improve your vocabulary overnight. The human brain is just like a muscle. The more training and discipline imposed on it the more “toned” it becomes.

Technique 1: Reading:

Reading constantly is one of the most effective techniques to improve your vocabulary, however this is a slow process. It takes years of constant discipline to have a higher level vocabulary. DictionUP combines the postitive attributes of reading with audio to make improving vocbaulary a faster process.

Technique 2: Repetition and Incorporation:

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Repetition has a powerful impact on learning. Our brains make new connections when they are exposed to a new stimulus, but these connections can be fleeting. In this case our external stumulus is a new word. When we hear a new word a connection is made between the word and its definition. Repetition reinforces this connection. DictionUP utilizes this aspect of our brain to improve vocabulary effectively. It requires you to repeat the tracks on a regular basis. By doing so, you will be able to retain and recall the definitions faster and accurately.

Technique 3: Imagery and Association: 

Looking up a definition of a new word is not sufficient. Using imagery and associating the definition with people, places, events from your personal experiences greatly improves your chances of retaining the definitions. We call this Subjective Relevance. It is common knowledge that we can remember instances better if they have a personal relevance. Take for example: Scenes from movies and lyrics. As we are able to relate to these two stimuli our brain make a stronger connection to them. We encourage you to use the ‘relation-gap’ between words, that has been worked into DictionUP, to establish a personal relation with the word and its definition. You will see that you are able to utilize the words better.

A Study:

A study by scientist Johnson O’Connor helped quantify a direct correlation between vocabulary and rank on the corporate ladder. In this study a vocabulary test was given to executive and supervisory personnel in 39 large manufacturing companies. The test results were conclusive, “Presidents and vice presidents average 236 out of a possible 272 points; managers averaged 168; superintendents, 140; foremen, 114; floor bosses, 86. In virtually every case, vocabulary correlated with executive level and income.”

DictionUP is unique among the tools that improve your vocabulary. In addition to being inexpensive, easy to use and easy to download, DictionUP utilizes a unique and simple format to improve your vocabulary.

Try DictionUP, its easy, simple and effective.

Introductory Price: $4.99

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