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We at DictionUP do not believe in just the business aspect. We value our customers enough to provide them with FREE Resources while they pursue theirs goals. On our site we provide free words lists, twice a week podcasts*, once a week videos**, articles and blogs.

Word List:

The Word list can be used for GRE, SAT, CAT and by those looking to improve their vocabulary. You can find the word list here.


DictionCastS are twice a week podcasts. Each episode will contain 3 words. The define each word, provide synonyms and antonyms, use the word in a sentence and provide either a fact or a quote.

*coming soon


DictionCastS are once a week video podcasts. Each episode will contain about 5 words. This section is under development and a format will be finalized and posted here. Please check back in the future.

** coming soon


Our articles are written to help you in several areas, goals and strategies, why you should improve your vocabulary, how to break the glass ceiling etc. These articles have been research and developed to help you reach your goals.


Our blog are updated weekly. We currently blog for GRE and Improving your vocabulary. Our SAT and CAT blogs will be released soon.

Future Products

We have lined up several products that will help you improve your vocabulary, score higher on the GRE, SAT and CAT. These products will be released over the next few months.

We recommend

We recommend you to use all our free resources in conjunction with our main product DictionUP. DictionUP is the perfect tool for you. It will help you improve your vocabulary, and help with learning GRE words, SAT words or CAT words.

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Visit our improve your vocabulary blog for regular updates on DictionUP, learn ways you can improve vocabulary and how an improved vocabulary will help you..

Click Here for our BLOG section


We are currently working on having a bi-weekly podcast to help you improve your vocabulary.

Bookmark us and check back in the future to download podcasts.

Click here for DictionCastS


Articles for DictionUP
This section of the page is under construction. Bookmark us and check back at a future date.

Click here for DictionVids (coming soon)


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