Everybody loves podcasts. It's an easy way to learn information that we find interesting. We at DictionUP want to utilize the reach that podcasting has and bring you our very own DictionCastS. We hope that everybody that listens to our weekly program will find it useful and entertaining. Forgive the bad jokes that we intend to crack.

Lets start with one right here.

  • What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
  • Breathe, idiot! BREATHE!

Ok now that's out of the way. Please feel free to download out podcast. They will be available on iTunes soon. Meanwhile please download them directly from our website.

Happy listeing and enjoy yourselves.

Episode 1: Absolve, Blatant, Capitulate


Episode 2: Occident, Occlude, Odyssey


Episode 3: Abstruse, Boisterous, Climactic


Episode 4: Cauterize, Expletive, Impecunious


Episode 5: Interloper, Nefarious, Boorish


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