101 ways to learn the GRE Word List

(ES)- Extremely Slow Paced Method

(S)- Slow Paced Method

(M)-Medium Paced Method,

(F)-Fast Paced Method

(SF)- Super Fast Paced Method

  1. Read: Anything and Everything. (ES)

  2. Write: Use GRE words you learn in your writing.(ES)

  3. Listen: When someone uses a word you don't understand, ask them what it means or look it up later.(S)

  4. Carry a Dictionary.(S)

  5. Watch Frasier: Get your hands on Frasier Dvds. An entertaining way to learn the GRE word list.(ES)

  6. Make sticky notes of new GRE words and post them in strategic places.(M)

  7. Download a words and definitions screensaver.(S)

  8. Synonyms: Learning synonyms will help you remmeber the words better.(S)

  9. Antonyms: Same as synonyms.(S)

  10. Think. Use new GRE words that you learn in your thought process. This helps you retain and recall the definitions better.(S)

  11. Repetition: Repeatedly look up the same GRE word. Repetition makes stronger connections between words in your mind.(F)

  12. Play Word Polygon.(M)

  13. Use the GRE words that you learn in your daily conversations. (M)

  14. Watch British TV shows. Those guys use big words.(M)

  15. Visit www.freericeintiative.com. (M)

  16. Create your own list of words for your daily use.(M)

  17. Tell friends about new GRE words that you learn.(M)

  18. READ.(ES)

  19. Use theGRE words at work.(M)

  20. Make note of new words from books.(S)

  21. Purchase/download a dictionary mobile application.(S)

  22. Look up etymology of new GRE words.(S)

  23. Purchase DictionUP. A very easy, effective and affordable way to learn GRE high frequency words through Audio.(S)

  24. Familiarize yourself with Prefixes.(M)

  25. Familiarize yourself withSuffixes.(M)

  26. Memorize at least 500 words a month from this GRE word list. For quicker results use the Audio GRE word list DictionUP (depending on the time left)(M)

  27. Familiarize yourself with roots. Ex. in Etymology the 'log' means 'study off'.(F)

  28. Write a blog.(M)

  29. If you do not have the technical prowess to write a blog, maintain a diary.(M)

  30. This is the most boring one. Read the terms and conditions as often as you can.(M)

  31. Download DictionUP. DictionUP is an Audio GRE word list(SF)

  32. Use the resources on DictionUP in conjunction with the DictionUP Audio GRE tool to quickly learn new words. (F)

  33. Get creative with the words you learn.(F)

  34. Subjective relevance: Most definitions will be uniquely relevant to you. An example. Create: How is this word relevant to you? Each of us visualize from our experiences to understand this word. (F)

  35. Visualization: Visualize the definitions of the words you look up.(F)

  36. Avoid boring ways of learning new words. Sitting in front of your computer and using software and reading material that does not interest you.(S)

  37. Look for pronunciations of words that you learn. You do not want to be pronouncing then wrong.(M)

  38. Use web based flash cards or similar service.(M)

  39. Underline new words in magazines that you read.(S)

  40. Audio GRE word list is an easy way to learn the difficult GRE words.

  41. Read DictionUP: Learn GRE Word List Blog. (M)

  42. There are several free word lists available online. Make use of these lists.(M)

  43. Dictionaries aren't cool. But they help.(S)

  44. Practice a lot of Reading Comprehension questions. You learn new words and make Reading Comprehension easier. (ES)

  45. Learn GRE words. There about 3500 prescribed GRE words for the exam. (F)

  46. Practice, Practice, Practice. (M)

  47. Read Newspapers.(S)

  48. Your mind is an amazing tool. Be focused and your will see amazing results.(F)

  49. Diversity in topics will improve your vocabulary which will improve your score.(M)

  50. DictionUP word of the day Service(To be launched soon). Learn difficult GRE words one by one.(S)

  51. Analogies are not as hard as they appear. Enough practice and you will through them like a knife through butter. (cliche alert). (M)

  52. Write short stories. Writing will help you remember definitions better.(S)

  53. Stuff you should know articles are rich in knowledge and GRE High Frequency words.(S)

  54. Topics outside your area of interest will expose you to new words(M)

  55. Come up with you own strategy for learning GRE words (email us).( )

  56. Several resources available online can teach you the GRE Word List quickly. DictionUP is the best among them. It is a Audio GRE word list.(M)

  57. Take photographs assign them to words and create a database. This is very laborious. Just use ours.(to be launched soon)(F)

  58. Don't let yourself be tricked by “700% improvement in 10 days” or “ learn 3500 words in 14 hours” software.(ES)

  59. Be committed to Learning the GRE words. Its easier to give up than to stand up to the tyranny of the GRE word List. Just remember what Mel Gibson said. “ETS may take out time but will never take our sanity”.(way too much drama)(SF)

  60. Reading is a slow and steady process. If your are looking for a fast and steady process to learn the GRE High Frequency Word List, use DictionUP.(SF)

  61. What does aspersions mean? Don't cast aspersions on this list if you don't like it. ( )

  62. Be disciplined, learning the GRE word list is a slow process, it will take time. Do not waver.(F)

  63. Practice. Practice using the words.(F)

  64. Make flash cards if you have the time.(M).

  65. Try and find relations between words.(S)

  66. Subscribe to our DictionUP Twitter page for word of the day and other interesting information.(F)

  67. DictionUP will launch web based word games soon. Games such as this will help you learn GRE High Frequency Word Lists .(F)

  68. A percentage of your preparation time everyday should be set aside for the GRE word List.(F)

  69. Find a friend with the same goal. Teach each other new GRE words.(F)

  70. Keep going back to words you've learn the previous week. Gauge your memory.(F)

  71. Spelling bees will expose you to a lot of new words.(F)

  72. Stewie Griffin is your Friend.(M)

  73. Memorizing GRE word list is time consuming. DictionUP, like we said, is an Audio GRE Word List. You can learn the High GRE Frequency words on the go.

  74. Read GRE related articles on DictionUP.com.(F)

  75. The economist has a lot of words from the list.(M)

  76. Define somnolent?( )

  77. Sleep well. Eat well. A healthy brain is a faster brain. (F)

  78. Write down words you are learning. Refer to this list time and time again. (M)

  79. Teach these words.(F)

  80. Crosswords will make you sharp and help you remember better.(F)

  81. Solve a lot of practice questions.(M)

  82. Practice makes you perfect, be it Math or English.(M)

  83. Join DictionUP Facebook GRE group. (F)

  84. Practice on your computer.(M)

  85. Goals and Strategies are vital for your preparation. Daily, weekly and monthly goals will help you score high. (F)


  1. Mix and match above points to arrive at your own unique strategy to learn GRE words ( )

  2. The Theory of Multiple intelligences: Your have a Superpower, use it to learn GRE words. Watch the video here.(F)

  3. Create your own screensaver. There is plenty of help online for this.(M)

  4. Visit http://www.freepoverty.com/ . Free geography lessons(?)

  5. 3500 words: Its hard. You can do it(SSF)

  6. Learning GRE Words improves knowledge. ( )

  7. The most distinguishing characteristic of successful people is a higher level vocabulary. Once you finish your GRE do not stop learning new words.( )

  8. Start a local GRE club. A great way to socialize and learn. (M)

  9. DictionUP is a Audio GRE word List. Use it and get a jump start.(SF)

  10. Take the GRE along with a few friends. This will provide you with a lot of support(M)

  11. Join GRE foums.(M)

  12. Whats the relation between asinine and intelligent?( )

  13. The three techniques to improve your GRE vocabulary. (F)

  14. Read the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagwad Gita if you have the time. These texts are rich in GRE High Frequency words.(F)

  15. Whats the single best way to learn? There is no single way to continuously learn new words. Use DictionUP initially. Learning new words will be easier after you use DictionUP as you will become familiar with difficult GRE words.(SF)

  16. Brain Train once a day.(F)

  17. Implement 101 ways to learn GRE words. It's difficult to implement 101 points. Take your pick and combine.(SSF)


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