DictionUP is the first of its kind audio tool that helps you memorize higher level vocabulary. It is easy to use and is very effective at improving your vocabulary. We are confident that our product will generate ample sales and we encourage you to market DictionUP.

DictionUp is available through ClickBank Marketplace. To market DictionUP please sign up with Clickbank and search for DictionUp. We offer a 60% commission on sales and provide newsletters and logos. Podcasts and videos are in the development phase and will be released shortly. Our article section provides visitors with a great deal of information. More resources are currently being developed and we are open to suggestions. We have a very active marketing team that will work with you at making our product better and generate higher sales .

Thank You for your interest in marketing DictionUP. We certainly hope to work with you.

All the information related to DictionUP, in a concise format, is provided in the Marketing Brochure

Please email us at: for more information.


-Team D


PS: If you would like to review DictionUP we encourage you to purchase our product and experience it yourself. We guarantee, you will want to market for us. A preview sample is available on request






Improve Your vocabularyImprove Vocabulary

Improve you Vocabulary and Improve your life. This is no exagerration. DictionUP is for you, an easy tool that will help you improve your vocabulary at your own pace. It is an easy and effective way to reach your goals.


Improve GRE scoreGRE, SAT, CAT, IELTS

We created DictionUP with testakers like you in mind. It is a powerful tool no matter which of these exams you're taking.





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